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The Linda Lee Story

Linda Lee's love for jewelry started at a very young age. Is it possible to transmit a love for jewelry through DNA? If so, it certainly happened here. At a very young age Linda learned to love all of her Mother’s collection of fine jewelry and spectacular pearls. Lucky for Mom, with Linda’s input, her Dad continued to add to her collection throughout their marriage. Linda’s personal jewelry collection started at a very young age, with her first piece of jewelry, something that she still has today, being a gold heart necklace that her parents gave to her when she was just a baby. 

As both collections continued to grow, Linda’s love and joy for stylish jewelry really became a passion. An early project was modifying a pair of her Father’s lavender jade cufflinks into a stunning pair of earrings. The project turned out fantastic and her Mother received compliments every where she wore them. It was at this point that Linda realized she didn’t have to just look for existing jewelry designs she could have things made and altered to fit her vision of what looks great. It seemed as though all her friends had to have whatever she was wearing. 

Always coming up with new designs, friends and their friends kept asking for more.  The first real venue for selling her jewelry designs was at juried art fairs throughout the southwest and west coast. It took her several years to convince her business partner and husband that her passion for jewelry could be converted into a profitable business venture.  His mind was changed and he came onboard after witnessing the “Wow Factor” that goes on with buyers when they first lay their eyes on her creations. 

Linda’s style is classic, sophisticated and fashionable while still fun to wear.  Since Fresh Water Pearls are incorporated into many of her designs, Linda has become GIA certified in Pearl Grading to insure the quality of her line. Since deciding to focus on wholesale sales, Linda Lee Jewelry, formally Linda Lee Pratico Jewelry Designs are now being sold in hundreds better boutiques, fine jewelers, bridal stores and hotel gift shops in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. With new designs coming out several times a year, Linda always maintains the finest quality and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. 


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